in the morning light

Album Art Direction & Design for Geva Alon's "IN THE MORNING LIGHT"

The Graphic Campaign for The New Album Included:
Paper Limited Edition
Juel Box Edition
3 Singels
Web Related Materials (banners etc.)
And Some Merchandise

Limited Edition

Juel Box Edition & Singels

All the pictures used for the final design are by: Yiftach Belsky
Client: Geva Alon & Carmi D. Wurtman

Album Credits

All Music and Lyrics by Geva Alon
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Thom Monahan

Geva Alon - vocals, organ, acoustic, electric, 12 string & tenor guitars
Daniel Hindman - electric guitars, organ
Jeff Hill - bass guitar
Otto Hauser - drums
Dave Scher - keyboards and pedal steel guitar
Neal Casal - guitars
Shai Halperin - piano
Thom Monahan - percussion and vocals

Recorded at Paco Loco Studios, Cadiz, Spain
Assistant Engineer - Paco Loco
Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab Audio, Copenhagen

Album Art Direction & Design - Roy Alter
Photography - Yiftach Belsky
Management - Carmi Wurtman
Booking - Sari Diskin
Public Relations - Hani Levy
Pre Production - Karin Alon & Bryan Steiner
Executive Producer at LGM - Mariah Bejerano
Post Production - Esti Sarusi

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