This 2011 Oscar nominee feature film, tells the story of a bitter rivalry between father and son, both eccentric professors in the Talmud department of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The son chooses the path of least Resistance straight into the embrace and accolades of the academic establishment, while the father is a stubborn purist with what seems to be a profound revulsion for the establishment. However beneath his contempt lies a desperate thirst for recognition, The Israel Prize, Israel's most prestigious national award, is the jewel that brings these two to a final, bitter confrontation.

Joseph Cedar wins Best Screenplay Award at Cannes Festival 2011 for Footnote

Teaser Trailer

Director: Joseph Cedar
Produced by: David Mandil, Leon & Moshe Edry
Writer: Joseph Cedar
Stars: Lior Ashkenazi and Shlomo Bar-Aba
Cinematography: Yaron Scharf

Visual Effects by
Michal Wolf : visual effects director
Roy Alter(Alteröy) : visual effects artist
Ilan Weintrob: visual effects supervisor

Production : united king movies & movie plus

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