About me

Alteröy is the portfolio of Roy Alter, a 35 year-old creative director, Animator and motion designer from tel-aviv, israel.
He graduated from Holon Institute of Technology (H.I.T) with a Bachelor of Design Degree (with Honors) in Visual Communication Design, and a Diploma in midi sound, from Hed College of Music.
Since 2005, Alteroy has been a freelance graphic designer, broadcast designer and illustrator.
His clientele includes a diverse array of businesses and organizations, both large and small, from motion graphics to logos to posters to illustrations.
He likes Music, Anything to craft, draw, paint with his hands or on a computer, Laughs, Picture Stuff, street culture and Anything That Combines Multi Disciplines. 


Giraffes (band)
Strauss Group
JCS (deus2)
Shoshi & Udi Productions
Asaf Avidan
The box
Bank Hapoalim
Maya Geller
Ministry of Defence
Walking Man
Sal interactive
Green Party Israel
Lagani bakery
Y&R Tel-Aviv
United King Movies
Enosh Inc.
Movie plus
Nadav hekselman
Lama Production
8Art Gallery


"I Saw Giraffes In India" 2010 [ראיתי ג'ירפות בהודו]
"My Lovely Sister" 2011 [אחותי היפה]
"Resisei Ahava" 2011 [רסיסי אהבה]
"Hearat Shulayim" 2011 [הערת שוליים]
"Ha-Sippur Shel Yossi" 2012 [הסיפור של יוסי]
"Gan Eden" 2012 [גן עדן]
"The Dealers" 2012 [הדילרים]
"Up the wrong tree" 2013 [לרדת מהעץ]
"a Place in heaven" 2013 [מקום בגן עדן]

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